Joe Mantegna calls to Save the Performing Arts, supports SB 805

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I write this as a letter of support for bill #SB 805.

The performing arts are as vital a part of the California landscape as is any other industry. this nation. The entertainment capital of the world has an obligation to nurture and support this important part of our world culture by insuring that perilous times such as we’ve been currently going through doesn’t handicap the efforts of these important small theater venues which are the grass roots life-blood of the entertainment industry they support.

The performing arts are a part of world culture since antiquity and we should do everything we can to preserve its ability to thrive as both a source of education and entertainment.


Joe Mantegna


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WHAT IS SB 1116?

SB 1116 establishes the Equitable Payroll Fund (EPF), which is a grant program designed to support Small Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations (SNPAOs) – and workers directly – by providing substantial reimbursements of payroll expenses.

This program will support jobs for anyone hired as an employee by a SNPAO, including both production and non-production employees and administrative staff, not unlike the Payroll Protection Program and similar Federal and State relief efforts.

Read our fact sheet for more information.


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